After leaving her teaching career behind, Desiree followed her heart back into the beauty industry by acting on her vision of curating a collection of luxurious lip products for everyday women. From that vision, Belleza Cosmetics was born in January 2024.

However, her journey did not stop there.

“I wanted to do more than just create products – I wanted to blend my love for beauty with my
passion for education.” -Desiree

In June 2024, Desiree launched Sí Belleza Makeup Labs. "Sí Belleza" means "Yes, beautiful" in Spanish, a phrase that perfectly captures our mission to affirm and celebrate beauty in every woman (as well as Desiree’s Afro-Latina background…Viva Panamá!).

Here at Si Belleza Makeup Labs, we’re all about high-quality cosmetics that highlight the unique beauty of every skin tone. We believe every woman deserves to feel luxurious, confident, and truly beautiful.

So, welcome to our community of Bellas – we’re here to empower and inspire you every step of the way!